Want Dr. Loren Olson to Speak at Your Next Event?

Does your group or organization need an informative and educational presentation about the challenges of coming out—especially later in life? As a psychiatrist who came out at the age of forty, Loren Olson has a unique perspective to share about human sexuality.

Finally Out

Do you picture human sexuality as a fixed spectrum: totally gay on one end, totally straight on the other, and bisexual in between? Discover that sexuality is a complex and ever-changing matrix and that coming out is not always a linear process; it can take a winding path that is even more complicated for men and women who have lived much of their lives as heterosexual. Learn how waiting to come out until later in life can magnify the shame and the fear of loss, as well as minimize the potential gains of living with a sense of authenticity.

The Opportunities of Aging

The words opportunity and aging are rarely used in the same sentence—particularly in the youth-centric LGBTQ community. Find out how growing older actually frees us from the constant need to get ahead, striving to earn more money and acquire more things. Learn how an awareness that our days are limited gives us a sense of urgency to experience time rather than measure it. Discover how successful aging involves replacing the stuff in our lives with relationships: whom we eat dinner with becomes more important than what is on the menu.

Whose Life Are You Living?

All of us feel a need to find meaning in our lives, but a life of purpose cannot be assigned to us by others. Discover how to find a life of significance by freeing yourself from the bonds of the value system passed down to you—by your parents, your church, or society—and also free the people you love to find their own meaning. Also learn how relationships can grow or stagnate based on the maturity level of each partner.

Men's Sexual Function across Their Life Span

Most men don't know much about sexual function, although people believe they inherently do. Learn why so many men—even very young men—are turning to Viagra or Cialis as their first option when they experience sexual dysfunction, although many problems related to ED are psychological in nature. Discover how men's bodies change as they age and how a greater understanding of the normal range of sexual functioning can preserve a satisfying sex life well into late life.

Praise for Loren A. Olson's Presentations

Loren’s compassion shines through when he speaks, and audiences readily connect with him.”

— Julie Silver, MD, Associate Professor, Department of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, Harvard Medical School

Dr. Loren A. Olson’s presentation was thoughtful and thought provoking. He provided a great deal of information in a compelling and meaningful way. I highly recommend Dr. Olson to speak for your organization.”

— Nancy E. Myerson, LICSW, Brookline Community Mental Health Center

Anyone interested in an honest and candid discussion about the societal forces that can limit our full potential should pull up a seat with Dr. Loren A. Olson. His powerful story about understanding himself in relationship to the world, and its messages, has value for any minority. I found myself thinking about parallels for women as he reflected on his `examined life.'
– Dr. Linda Love, University of Nebraska LGBT Mentoring Interest Group

Loren is a warm and engaging speaker. He has an ability to reach his audience with his empathy and gentle sense of humor. You will be moved by listening to his story and the stories he evokes from others.

— Mary L. Thompson, RN, LISW, Service Line Director, Mercy Behavioral Health

Loren Olson is one of the most authentic people that we have ever met. We, at Gay Life After 40, loved his presentation on Finally Out in Chicago.

– William Smith, founder and Publisher, Gay Life After 40

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