Being a Chubby Chaser

Dr. Olson,  Would you please write a book about chubby chasers from a psychiatrist’s perspective, including what our sexuality is like and its likely origins? Psychiatrists don’t consider us to be normal. We are miscategorized as having a fat fetish. My first awareness of my fascination with fat people was when my brother showed me … Read more

I’m a Gay and Shy Priest and Exhibitionist

I am all of these, and there is no changing that. Guest Post by Fr. “Jack Sands” I sent an email to my friend Dr. Olson with these four words describing myself: gay, priest, exhibitionist, and shy. I wrote, “These four words do not go together!” I was struggling with my sexuality and was looking … Read more

Complex PTSD

Dr. Olson, I’ve known I was gay since I was about 10. I grew up in Southern Baptist Mississippi. I’ve struggled with MDD [major depression] and GAD [generalized anxiety disorder] all my adult life. And it’s been bad lately. I recently learned about c-PTSD [complex posttraumatic stress disorder] which results from ongoing childhood trauma. Many … Read more